Bert Nash, KU’s Public Mgmt Center partner together on leadership training

Emily Farley News & Notes

Starting next month, Bert Nash and the KU Public Management Center will enhance their partnership.

The community mental health center and the Public Management Center (PMC) have developed a plan for PMC to provide ongoing leadership training for Bert Nash supervisors.

The first training session will be in April at the Center.

Bert Nash HR Director, Scott Criqui

“Our board and our leadership team are very enthusiastic about this partnership with the Public Management Center,” said Bert Nash HR Director Scott Criqui. “This is part of a larger effort at Bert Nash to enhance our professional development and employee success.”

According to its website, KU’s Public Management Center offers training and consulting services to meet the needs for skills enhancement among public service managers, staff, and teams and to support organizational development in government agencies and other public service organizations.

As examples of longer-term customized projects like what Bert Nash will do, PMC Assistant Director Noel Rasor said the cities of Lawrence and Eudora have utilized the Public Management Center for ongoing professional development.

Noel Rasor, PMC Assistant Director

“We work all across Kansas and Missouri, but we truly appreciate the opportunity to support the important work of entities right here in our community,” Rasor said.

The first session will focus on organizational change, both how supervisors navigate change themselves and how they help their staffs manage change.

“We have done a lot of training with a variety of organizations that are navigating through change,” Rasor said. “We’re really excited that Bert Nash is doing this. It speaks not only to the organization, but to the leadership there for recognizing that people move through and deal with change differently and there are tools that can support that process and help individuals and organizations move forward.”

Bert Nash has had a relationship with KU’s Public Management Center through PMC’s Emerging Leaders Academy. More than a dozen Bert Nash staff have gone through the program in recent years.

“We are really proud of our partnership with Bert Nash,” said Rasor, who will be the instructor for the first training session in April. “We’ve enjoyed getting to know the organization and the people there.”