Bert Nash profile – Rhonda Stubbs

Emily Farley Child & Family Services

What do you love most about your job?

I love working with people. I have always felt joy from serving others, empowering them and helping them meet their goals.


What have been some of the highlights for you during your time here?

I have really enjoyed working with the children and families. I have also had the pleasure of working with wonderful co-workers who have encouraged and supported me. I know families often come to us when life circumstances are difficult. I hope to give them support, encouragement and hope. As a case manager, I had the pleasure of working with many individuals helping them to look beyond today’s challenges and move forward. I really enjoy our summer group program, watching the children have fun and make progress on their goals. I would say the real highlights of my job are the moments when I could offer hope or encouragement to an individual and seeing their face when they accomplish something. It is awesome!


Have you always worked with children?

I worked with adults, youths and children in corrections prior to coming to Bert Nash Center 24 years ago. My years at Bert Nash have been in children and family services. I was a case manager for 17 years, then became the group and attendant care coordinator. I presently supervise the group and attendant care programs. I also provide training for Bert Nash Center staff.


Here’s a chance to brag about your family. What would you like to tell readers about them?

My husband, Bill, and I celebrated our 33rd anniversary March 2. He has done a lot to support my work at BNC, including filling water balloons for summer programs and he volunteered his time and helped me paint group rooms. We have three wonderful boys: Michael is married and has a lovely wife, Stephanie, and two children. Michael is in the Navy and is stationed in Seattle. Timothy worked for the Bert Nash Center while he attended KU. Timothy graduated from KU with a degree in mechanical engineering and lives in Dallas. David has gone to school for audio production and currently lives in Lawrence. He has plans to return to Denver, where he went to school. There is one other family member, our dog, Buster. He is a beautiful Fox Red Labrador Retriever. He can give you a high five and he loves playing fetch and eating peanuts.


You have a motorcycle, right? How long have you been riding? Is that something you and your husband do together?

I love to ride motorcycles. I grew up around minibikes and motorcycles. My parents had matching Harleys. Many of my family members have motorcycles. I used to ride my motorcycle to the KU campus when I was a student. We are a Harley fans. Bill and I enjoy riding together.


What is the most rewarding thing for you?

What I find most rewarding is when an individual can use their personal strengths to accomplish their goals. I enjoy seeing individuals I work with overcome obstacles and challenges. Individuals are empowered by their accomplishments. I also like to see the employees I supervise grow as professionals.