Your Turn: Bert Nash committed to core values

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In its nearly 70-year history, the Bert Nash Center has witnessed many changes and challenges. But one thing remains constant: our commitment to our core values of compassion, integrity and equity, on a foundation of hope. Those values are at the very heart of what we do, and they always will be. Seven therapists from the Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) …

Client Choice and Service Options

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At the Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center, we work with our community partners to ensure our clients have the best service provider for their specific needs, including those providers not directly employed by or affiliated with the Bert Nash Center. For more than 68 years, we have coordinated services to provide a seamless array of care. Per our history, …

Community partners, search committee members: New CEO obvious choice to carry on Bert Nash Center tradition

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Patrick Schmitz knows he is joining some select company. Schmitz, 51, will become just the third CEO of the Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center in nearly 40 years. He will succeed David Johnson, who is in his 17th year as CEO of the Bert Nash Center and is retiring the first of July. Johnson’s predecessor, Sandra Shaw, was CEO …

Mental health successes illustrate healing power of treatment

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May is Mental Health Month, and as the month winds down, Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center shares a few success stories of client recovery. Jackie Lira and TJ Reyes Jackie Lira knew something wasn’t right. She just didn’t know what it was. Or why. “I essentially wanted to jump out of my own skin,” she said. “And I couldn’t …

David Johnson – CEO at Bert Nash Announces His Retirement

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David Johnson has been the CEO of Bert Nash for the past 14 years. He has announced his retirement and his last day on the job will be August 1, 2016. David talks with Jay about his decision and his hopes for Bert Nash now and into the future. Information pulled from

Bert Nash staff share holiday traditions

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My mother came from Russia and my grandfather from Greece. The family history is seriously steeped in traditions. Most of my family has passed away now, but the traditions remain. I am a baking buff for one thing. I have spent years creating and perfecting outrageous muffin combinations. My therapy routine for wellness revolves around creating new baking recipes. I …