Client Choice and Service Options

Emily Farley Center Information

At the Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center, we work with our community partners to ensure our clients have the best service provider for their specific needs, including those providers not directly employed by or affiliated with the Bert Nash Center.

For more than 68 years, we have coordinated services to provide a seamless array of care. Per our history, Bert Nash treatment teams helped clients determine the best course of treatment and provider for their specific needs. To help clients in making the decision of where they wish to receive care, a list of Emotional Health Resources is available on our website.

Please note, we cannot guarantee that these providers are currently accepting clients nor which insurance (if applicable) is accepted by these providers. It is not a comprehensive list of all providers in the community, thus we encourage clients to research additional options via the Yellow Pages, local newspaper(s), social media outlets, or by contacting insurance companies to discuss covered providers.

Regardless of whom a client may choose, the Bert Nash Center will coordinate care as we have always done and facilitate the transfer of any important health care information pursuant a valid Release of Information.