From the introduction of "Committment to Community:
The Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center A History" -

"This history of the Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center is the story of people who have cared deeply about helping others in their community. It is the story of the pioneering work of Bert Nash, in whose memory the Center was created, and his lifelong advocacy of the community’s role is supporting the mental health of its citizens. It is the story of the dedicated group of founders who oversaw the birth of a revolutionary idea, establishing the Bert Nash Clinic more than a decade in advance of the bold federal initiative to base mental health services in the community instead of in hospitals. It is the story of the efforts of a diverse collection of people in a multitude of roles, who have provided the stewardship essential to the Bert Nash Center’s evolution into a vital community agency." {Sandra Shaw, March 16, 2001}

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:: The history of the Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center is taken from a book written by Katie H. Armitage, Barbara L. Watkins with Carol Pinches. First published by the Center in 1990 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Clinic, the book provides an in depth history of not only the Bert Nash Center, but the evolution of the treatment of mental illness. A second edition of the book was issued in 2000 to recognize the 50th anniversary. Along with the revised book, the Center organized a citizen forum with local government and community leaders that addressed the state of the community at the dawn of the new millennium. For the 60th Anniversary, we're pleased to bring you this online summary of an amazing history!







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