Pioneer Celebration

The Pioneer Celebration is our annual event where we take the time to celebrate and recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Center and Douglas County. The Pioneer winners are individuals who continue to carry on the legacy and the spirit of the first pioneers who founded the Bert Nash Mental Health Clinic in 1950.

Pioneer Award

The Pioneer Award will be given to an individual(s) in Douglas County whose efforts and achievements to secure accessible comprehensive community mental health services for all residents of Douglas County are exceptional and typify the progressive, caring spirit which led to the founding of the Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center. Below are the past recipients of the Pioneer Award.

  • 2019: Stephen Maceli
  • 2017: Jean Milstead
  • 2016: Bill Beedles
  • 2015: Douglas County Law Enforcement Agencies
  • 2014: Shirley Martin-Smith & Tersea Treanor
  • 2013: Heartland Community Health Center
  • 2012: Paul Taylor
  • 2011: County Commissioners Thellman, Gaughan, Flory & County Administrator Craig Weinaug
  • 2010: Mental Health in Douglas County in the 20th Century. Honoring the Nash family, the Menninger family and the Shaw / Witt family.
  • 2009: Barbara Huppee & Pam Weigand
  • 2008: Randy Weseman
  • 2007: Former Kansas Governor Mike Hayden
  • 2006: Dr. Max Graves
  • 2005: O. Maurice & Betsy Joy
  • 2004: Dolph Simons, Jr.
  • 2003: Sandra J Shaw, Ph.D.
  • 2002: Rick Trapp & Frank Shontz
  • 2001: Lynwood Smith, M.D.
  • 2000: Judge Jean F. Shepherd
  • 1999: Michael Roberts, Ph.D.
  • 1998: Carolyn Schroeder, Ph.D.
  • 1997: Matthew N. Stein, M.D.
  • 1996: William Binns
  • 1995: Judge James W. (Bill) Paddock
  • 1994: Dr. George & Carole Pinches & Dr. Charles Rapp
  • 1993: Robert Oyler
  • 1992: Lawrence Community Chest; Lawrence Lions Club; and, Bill Simons
  • 1991: Jessie Branson & Lawrence Kiwanis Club
  • 1990: Howard & Virginia O’Connor; Charles & Tensie Oldfather & Henry D. Remple
  • 1989: Sam Adame; Arthur A. Heck; Betty Larson; Bettie-Lou Metsker; Judge Charles Rankin; Dr. James Stachowiak; & Margaret Wedge
  • 1988: Charles Banning; Alwilna Burris; Dr. James Campbell; John Crown; Bernece Glass; Dr. Phillip A. & Phoebe Godwin; D. M. Harris; Jack Harris; Roseann Hurwitz; Dr. Ted Kennedy; Evadne Laptad; Ethel Lynn; Bill Mayer; Jesse Milan; Russ Mosser; Elmer W. Ousdahl; & John Weatherwax
  • 1987: Richard Allen; Louise Cook; Donald Hults; Steve Jones; Dr. George Learned; Deane Malott; P. Everett Sperry; & Dr. M. Erik Wright
  • 1986: William J. Brink; Mrs. Juliett Clapp; Judge Frank Gray; Dr. Sigmund Gundle; Dr. M. J. Horowitz; Mrs. Ogden Jones; Miss Electa Kindlesperger; Dr. Carl Knox; Dr. J. M. Mott; Dr. Bert & Ruth Nash; Dr. W. O. Nelson; Myrl Penny; Mrs. Henry Shenk; Dr. Henry P. Smith; Mrs. Frank T. Stockton; Charles D. Stough; Rev. Dale Turner; Miss Esther Twente; Mrs. Mildred Watson; Marcella Wolfson; & Dr. Parke Woodard