Stephen O’Neill

Stephen O’Neill
Child and Family Service Director

Hi, I am Stephen, and I am proud to work at Bert Nash, where we provide an array of behavioral health services to the residents of Douglas County. I believe that if children and families have access to the right level of services, at the right time, we can impact not just individual-level transformation, but also community-level transformation. Our community is facing increasingly complex social, political and economic pressures and, at times, our families, our neighbors and even ourselves need additional supports and tools. I am committed to doing my part to ensure that Douglas County has access to those supports and tools.

I chose to work at Bert Nash because it has a reputation for being innovative and willing to try new and different things to improve access and integration of services. Bert Nash also has a reputation as a kind and compassionate organization that understands that people experience trauma and that concurrently people are resilient.

I love to smile and I love to laugh. I believe the best leaders are those that first engage in service to others.

I am a resident of Lawrence, where I can typically be found pedaling around the streets with my wife, Beth, an assistant professor of Social Work at Washburn University, and my three children.